It’s All About Family

We’ve had the pleasure of having mind-blowing, authentic South Indian breakfast with our dear friends, Sutej and Keerthika last Sunday. Nothing’s better than having dosa and uttapam for breakfast with peanut and chilli chutney (and this chilli chutney is certainly not for the faint-hearted. It was great but I think I drank five glasses of water after that). Thanks to Keerthika, I now know how to make them as well!

Anyway, Raj told to bring my camera to photography the family, as Keerthika is pregnant. I didn’t have time to prepare or think about it, and it was raining, the house didn’t have additional lighting I could use other than the ceiling lights, so I wasn’t too confident. Raj, being the optimist convinced me to do it anyway, and I’m glad I did, it came out alright! It reminded me that the most important thing when taking photos is not the location, but the emotion and interaction between loved ones.




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