Live What You Love, Do What You Dream: Ivy Low

“Live what you love, do what you dream” – Ivy Low, Founder of Oh Happy Gift

Oh Happy Gift
The Creative Girlboss team is back at it again with another creative profile interview! This time, allow us to introduce you to Gift Curator, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Oh Happy Gift – Ivy Low Ai Wei.

Ivy has been in the graphics design and communications industry for the past 7 years. Today, she is the starter of her own creative business. Oh Happy Gift is a gift curating platform, where individual items are sold and ready to be thoughtfully complied together as customised presents. Her company believes in “celebrating everyday with thoughtfully curated gifts”. Without further ado, we want to celebrate Ivy and hear her journey thus far!


1. What inspired you to go into this business?

Ivy: I’ve always had an entrepreneurship mindset since my early 20’s. I’ve been in a design agency, I’ve had a party and decor setup, as well as a T-shirt company previously. I guess it is the want to venture into something that I can call my own, which encouraged and inspired me to start dreaming.


2. How do you define success for yourself?

Ivy: For me, success is being able to wake up to the things I love and actually do that for a living. Seeing how people appreciate and respond to the gifts I’ve curated means the world to me.


3. If you were to be given a chance to turn back time, is there anything that you would do differently?

Ivy: I would say Yes and No. Yes being, I wished I had started this earlier. But having said that, I wouldn’t have had the experience in business if I did not go through the many other companies and joint ventures previously. For that, I am blessed, and even till this day everyday is a new learning experience for me.

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4. How do customers start the gift curation process on your platform?

Ivy: To start the gift curation process, customers will come to us and they will give us a budget and as well as a theme. And from there we will work within those requirements and propose a set of gifts to the client.


5. What has been your most memorable or exciting project up to date?

Ivy: We recently had this client that came to us wanting to curate a gift for her friend. When she was asked of the occasion, she just said: “I simply want to see her smile”. This made me realise that there is no need for an occasion or season to be gifting, and happiness can be that simple!


6. Share with us what does a normal day look like for you?

Ivy: A normal day for me very much depends on what I have at hand. There are days when I am the Gift Curator – where I put gifts together, while on some days I am the Buyer – picking up stock and sourcing for items. Other days, I’ll be meetings with my suppliers or having a chat with potential new collaborators. Not to mention, I am also the Photographer when there are new gift launches.

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7. What can we expect to see from you moving forward?

Ivy: Moving forward, I am looking to have my own shop and a bigger studio space. A studio where gifts can be curated and creative workshops can be held. A shop where we can display our line of available gifts, and also works as a platform for other local brands to have their spotlight. That way, when people think of gifts they will think of Oh Happy Gift.


8. If you could tell one thing to your fellow creatives out there, what would it be?

Ivy: My message to the fellow creatives out there is to be brave and dare to dream! As cliche as it may sound, keep on dreaming as your dream may actually come true one day.

We simply love you Ivy, for your amazing taste and eye for design. You’re truly gifted as a business owner (no pun intended), and we can’t wait for the launch of your new shop and studio. Best wishes from our team and thanks again for hanging out with us!

PS: We’ll be adding things to our Oh Happy Gift cart and Wishlist soon.

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