Top 10 Chinese New Year Ads 2019

Dong Dong Chiang! It’s that time of the year again where families get together, angpows to give and take and not forgetting all the amazing food to be devoured! Mmm…

As always, we have compiled some of the best (in our opinion) CNY ads of the year. Let us know which ones are your favourite and happy watching!

1. CIMB Bank : You-Sang, We-Sang

We start of with the must-have of every Chinese New Year meal, the legendary Yee-Sang, or in this case You-Sang. Some say it’s from China, some say it’s from Seremban…who knows but we love CIMB’s take on it.

Video by CIMB Bank

2. AirAsia : The Perfect Lou-Sang

AirAsia shares with us some auspicious phrases to say when we toss our Yee-Sang. Remember to say it loud and clear…Huat ah!

Video by Air Asia

3. Watsons : Happy Beautiful Year

Family feuds are almost the norm. However during Chinese New Year, everything is forgiven and forgotten.

Video by Watsons

4. Tenaga Nasional : The Ong-est Hours

Reunion- done, all that eating- done. But what happens after?

Video by TNB

5. Lazada : Slash the “Leng Chai”

If you’re single during Chinese New Year, you know what’s coming… “Where is your boyfriend/girlfriend?”  “Aiyo, why still single?” “Faster get married…you’re not getting any younger!” OMG.

Fortunately (or unfortunately), Lazada has an option for you.

Video by Lazada

6. PLUS : Shou Xin 手信 #BuahTangan

Some of us travel very far to get home in time for Chinese New Year. Don’t forget the goodies for the family!

Video by PLUS

7. Samsung : What’s wrong with Ma-ma?

Technology and the older generation make a cute mix indeed! Check out how this grandmother connects with all of her tech-savvy grandchildren in amusing ways.

Video by Samsung

8. Malaysia Airlines : The Spirit of Hospitality

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and family bond stronger. We always look forward to this upon landing home:

“And to all Malaysians, welcome home.”

Video by Malaysia Airlines

9. Petronas : Heart

Once again, technology saves the day.

Video by Petronas

10. RHB Bank : Belief

Parents will always be our number 1 supporter in everything we do as long as we believe in ourselves. Remember to honour them everyday.

Video by RHB Bank

We have ONE more to end this post. This technically isn’t an ad but we absolutely LOVED it as it “celebrates” a different kind of people that truly bring out the real meaning of this New Year!

The Vangoh Creative team would like to wish you a prosperous Chinese New Year as we usher in the year of the Pig! Oink oink!

Video by Graph Studio

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