Do Something That You’re Actually Passionate About: Mishie Hoops

“Do something that you’re actually passionate about. Not something that you think you should be passionate about, or that you might be passionate about…”

– Mishie Hoops, Founder of The Hula Hoop Institute

You’re in for a treat! The Creative Girlboss team had the absolute honour of speaking to someone who is extremely versatile in movement and terrific in her craft. Allow us to introduce you to Michelle, also known as Mishie Hoops, she is the Founder of The Hula Hoop Institute, and she is a professional hula hooper! 

Mishie defies the common standards of what ‘success’ should look like with her art and by living out her truths. Also, she helps break the mindset of hula hooping as ‘only for kids’, it is an art-form, a sport in its own right, and she does so by starting The Hula Hoop Institute and through The Hoop Dream Retreat.


1. What were you doing before you started out on your own?

Mishie: Before I started hula hooping, I had a very different life. I had been working in the engineering industry for almost 10 years. I was married and I lived in Melbourne, Australia. As my relationship fell apart, I started hula hooping more, and I was told about a hula hoop retreat in Bali. And I went to this hula hoop retreat and I felt so much peace and happiness while I was there, and I didn’t know that that emotion could really exist. So two weeks later, I quit my job and two months later I had relocated to Ubud, Bali. 

hula hoop

2. When you first decided to to start teaching, how was the response from your family?

Mishie: The reaction from my family was actually really supportive. When I started teaching hula hooping, they were curious. But they were also really worried about how I was going to make money. And it was probably a year before I decided to launch my first Hoop Dream Retreat.

3. Have you ever been stuck in a creative rut? And if so, what did you do to get out of it?

Mishie: I would say that I have been stuck in a creative rut. There are definitely times where in my hoop practice, I decided to take a break. I’ve definitely spent some time away from playing with my hoop, and practicing and drilling, and focusing more on creating the business side of my business, like building the website, or only creating tutorials rather than just practicing or having my own play time. There’s also been times where I’ve decided to sign up to do dance classes. Because it’s still a form of movement, and I think that I wanted to get more in touch with my body and I wanted to get more flowy and feel into the liquidity of my body, so the dance classes were really great for that.


hula hoop retreat

4. How do you define success for yourself?

Mishie: Success for me in the past was having a good job, owning a house, having a car, having a family. However, the idea of being stuck in an office or doing something that I’m not passionate about doesnt make me happy.


5. Can you give some advice to other aspiring women seeking to go into the creative industry?

Mishie: If I was going to give some advice to other women who wanted to enter the creative industry, is to do something that you’re actually passionate about. Not something that you think you should be passionate about, or that you might be passionate about, because that could change. And being happy I think comes through that as well. Feeling more love for friends and for family, has really helped in terms of my happiness. And also doing something that I love.

Thank you for sharing your life with us Mishie, it was lovely to watch and hear from a talent like yourself. We admire you for your vivacious spirit, your finesse and of course cherish your friendship, you’re definitely our inspiration and an example for other women to follow after. Thanks for also showing us how to make a few hooping moves, although most of the time we prefer to swoon over how you do it.

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