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    Its Not About How Famous You Are: Shia Lynn

    “Its not about how famous you are, its about making a statement and inspiring people, and live that art from your inner self.” – Shia Lynn Happy New Year everyone! Before the…

  • pride and joy

    My Pride and Joy: Grace Tan

    “I started off working alone, but now I am very proud to have a great team working with me. They are my pride and joy!” – Grace Tan The Creative Girlboss…

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    Caffe Bene Photography Workshop

    Conducted a photography workshop for the Caffe Bene design and marketing team, what fun! I’m not sure why I decided to retro filter all these photos, but it just seemed the…

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    Ksenia + James

    When I was in uni, I had a friend who loved taking photos. Sometimes, we got annoyed as she kept taking pictures of us, every time, everywhere. Whether we’re just chilling…

  • Elise Nazzari

    A minute with Elise Nazarri

    Had the pleasure of meeting and photographing Elise Nazarri, one of our Vangoh muses. We’ve been introduced by a friend and met through Facebook. She’s everything a Vangoh woman should be:…

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    It’s All About Family

    We’ve had the pleasure of having mind-blowing, authentic South Indian breakfast with our dear friends, Sutej and Keerthika last Sunday. Nothing’s better than having dosa and uttapam for breakfast with peanut…

  • Stories Style

    Vangoh Team Photo Shoot

    It’s rare for the entire Vangoh team to meet each other. Stores are run by one or two team members, and with two different stores running six days a week, we…