Valentine’s Day Gift Guide For Creatives

valentines day

Valentine’s Day is looming ahead. But the usual flowers, chocolates and dinner don’t cut it for this rare breed that keeps you on your toes with the unexpected, is passionate about being different, are conned in by pretty packaging, ensures colour is a way of life and sadly cannot be kept still in a box. The ‘Creatives’ are the worst to shop for as surprise and ingenuity is a requirement that, if not fulfilled, can land you in a super big argument on Valentine’s Day.

So, here is the inside scoop! Considering our many lovable traits, one thing we can guarantee you is that “generic” is out of the question. Anything that you can pick up at the mall a few hours before your big date is kinda a NO-GO zone. Also, note that price tag is not really a factor.

But fear not as we have opened the door to the secret of innovative gift giving. Here is the ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide that is just for us ‘Creatives’ :

1. Unconventional VDay Cards

hotter-sriracha-card_etsyImage by Etsy

The basics of all gift giving is making sure you have an A-W-E-S-O-M-E card that would carry all your wise words and loving intent. Nothing says boring like the run of the mill heart filled red cards. Score yourself one of these hilarious but sweet Etsy cards or better still make one yourself.

2. Flowers: Not The Boring Kind

valentines dayImage by LavieFlo
terrarium-a and eImage by A&E

Check out A&E‘s out of this world terrarium arrangements, or gold “prosperity” flowers by Country Victoria, all the way to Rainbow flowers that never die by LavieFlo.

3. Moleskine Smart Writing Kit

moleskine-smart-writing-kitImage by Moleskine

This one is suited for the partner who needs to doodle, draw and sketch! Forget having to re-create those graphics and notes again to soft copies. Creative drawings and writings convert straight into a smart copy instantly on their tablet or mobile. Never double handle work ever again!

4. CYMK Bed Spread

budi-kwan-cmyk-record-bedImage by Deny Designs

Bring the colour palette into the dream world with the Budy Kwan CYMK bedding set that will make any Creative swoon in pleasure. One can never have too much colour in their life!

5. Olfactory Alarm Clock

olfactory-alarm-clockImage by SensorWake

Never ever wake up late for work again! The smell of toast, coffee or peppermint will jump out from the alarm clock jolting your partner wide awake. Just make sure you choose the right smells that will awaken, not induce a coma!

6. Hand Written Calligraphy Artwork

modern-calligrapherImage by Tally Press

Create a gift out of your sweetest moment in the relationship by using calligraphy to showcase its beauty. Try it yourself or if you are stump for ideas, just commission one of these modern calligraphers for a one of a kind artwork for your loved ones.

7. Fujifilm Instax Mini Neo Classic Camera

instax-classic-cameraImage by Urban Outfitters

Record all those memories you will be creating together with this classic vintage polaroid camera. Those sweet moments will be imprinted on hearts and print so that it will not be forgotten. I usually keep the best polaroids close by my screen to keep this ‘Creative’ motivated.

8. Pantone Everything

pantone-coffee-cup-iphone-caseImage by Pantone

Sneakily find out her favourite colour and order these adorable coffee thermos mugs or iPhone case in that exact colour. Earn brownie points for actually paying attention and deciphering to those crazy mumblings about getting the right shade of blue or green.

9. Fun Love Coupon Book

fun-love-couponImage by Etsy

You know those amazing things that you are already doing as the best spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend in the world? Well, let’s limit it and remind them how valuable it is! Get all the lovey dovey couple acts in print as a coupon to keep those favour asking in check.

10. Gin and Tonic Carry-On Cocktail Kit

gin-and-tonic-cocktail-kitImage by Uncommon Goods

Get the best travel companion by making it easy for your partner to booze up. A little gin and club soda with a mixology lesson will keep the happy buzz going while you snooze away in the next seat!

11. Cosmetic and Skincare by an Indie brand

herbivore-botanicalsImage by Herbivore Botanicals

For the cosmetic and skincare lovers that would squeal at these indie specials. I think gift vouchers would give the best satisfaction and would let your partner jump with glee at the variety of choice.

12. Cozmo Robot

valentines day
cozmo-robotImage by Cozmo

We saved the best for last. A super bot made just to entertain during the creative slumps. Not convinced yet? Watch these cute Cozmo live in action videos that is guaranteed to make you shove money at the website.

While it is the Day of Lurve, have fun with the gifts and we are “sure” that if it comes from the heart, it will be enjoyed. If not, there is another 364 days of the year to make up for it! As some would say, everyday should be Valentine’s Day.

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