The Best Christmas Ads of 2016

best christmas ad

Christmas is on it’s way and the signs are definitely here right in front of our faces. Christmas music, shopping sales and bright lights everywhere. While the Christmas addicts are already singing carols and annoying the crap out of us normal people, the best part of this holiday season is how much love is floating around. Warm your hearts with these wonderfully sweet and loving and the best of the best Christmas Ads of 2016!

1. Air New Zealand : Summer Wonderland

Video by Air New Zealand

What is not to love! Super cute singing man and boy plus totally understanding our Christmas hot sweaty torture.

2. Marks & Spencers : Christmas with love from Mrs Claus

Video by Marks & Spencer

Girl Power! Santa does all the hard work on Christmas Eve but the crux of it all comes from Mrs Clause with her over the top secret delivery. Definitely a thumbs up from us ladies!

3. Amazon Prime : Imam & Priest

Video by Amazon Prime

Religious leaders shopping!?!? Well, I won’t spoil the surprise but make sure to watch til the end to reveal the hilarious shopping spree of warm friendship and kindness.

4. Lazada Singapore : Blast Off

Video by Lazada Singapore

Life is nothing without hope, dreams and imagination. Make sure you have the tissues handy because you will definitely be bawling your eyes out at this young girl’s determination and this father’s love.

5. Heathrow Airport : Coming Home

Video by Heathrow Airport

Never too old for teddy bears. Ok I’ll say it…I admit those furry faces and round eyes melts my heart. Just please do not judge my Keroppi frog collection stashed safely somewhere in the far corners of my cupboard that is now worth a fortune as a collectible after being discontinued. Big googly eyes does it for me!

6. Sainsbury’s : The Greatest Gift

Video by Sainsbury’s

Because every Christmas needs some stock motion goodness of crazy hair and catchy tunes. But don’t be fooled because the not so hidden message rings true especially this holiday season.

7. Hua Wei : Be Present

Video by Hua Wei

Definitely the best way to remind you to put those phones down…once a year! Hug your family and start noticing the small things about them that you love about them.

8. ALDI : Kevin the Carrot

Video by ALDI

To end it all with laughter as all holidays should. A silly dream but admirable persistence. You never know…maybe this Christmas…your miracle will happen!

9. Apple : Frankie’s Holiday

Video by Apple

Sometimes monsters are not the worst. Especially when it comes to Christmas time with twinkly lights and off key singing.

10. McDonalds : Introducing Juliette

Video by McDonalds UK

Christmas is the time for magic. A doll coming to life and taking their own initiative in finding their own dream will tug at your heart strings and remind you of what truly matters despite all the shopping, gifts and food galore.

11. H&M : Come Together

Video by H&M

I don’t know about you but the funnest part of the holiday season is seeing the little children laugh and smile. While the world might get us adults down and stresses robs us of cheerful holiday glee, H&M gets my vote on one of the best Christmas ads of 2016.

12. Allegro : English for Beginners

Video by Allegro

A touching Christmas story featuring a hilarious elderly Polish gentleman who orders a book called “English For Beginners” and starts a mission to learn a new language. The ad keeps you guessing on who the special person is that he is learning it all for.

The giving spirit of this holiday season brings out the kinder side of humanity and encourages joy and laughter.

While work still beckons for the likes of me,
Turkey and chocolate will be my best fee,
Christmas means for a day I might be work free,
But family is definitely where I want to be.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, hope you enjoyed our picks of the best Christmas ads of 2016!

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