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Flatlay by flatlays

Creating the perfect balance of not overcrowding yet still interesting enough to stand out is definitely not easy at all in a flatlay. We have had the opportunity to photograph some client products recently, and in doing our research, we were inspired by these 20 awesome Instagrammers that are all masters of the art of flatlay. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram too!

1. DearChar_ – Malaysia

Flatlay by DearChar_Image by DearChar_

Charlene is KL’s very own flatlay enthusiast who also rocks the world as a designer and content creator. The account is littered with magical cuteness and flatlays that are bright and bubbly.

2. Harry.ix – Malaysia

Flatlay by harry.ixImage by harry.ix

Harry is a Medic rep by day but a renegade artist by night. This very talented calligrapher promotes his excellent artwork through amazing rugged and adventurous flatlays.

3. Vintage 1988 Instagram – Malaysia

Flatlay by vintage1988Image by Vintage 1988

This Malaysian indie vintage company sure is having fun in their flatlay style. These handcrafted collection shines appealingly in these very well thought out Instagram photos.

4. Ronny Cakes – Malaysia

Flatlay by ronnycakeImage by ronnycakes

Sharon Tan is a calligrapher and lettering artist that doubles as a wedding photographer. This jack of all trades in Bangsar brightens the Instagram world with refreshing colourful and creative flatlays shot on a variety of backdrops.

5. Joy Chong – Malaysia

Flatlay by joychongImage by joychong

Joy Chong showcases her love of calligraphy with unique and quirky flatlays that is something quite different indeed. Take the time to admire the flawless colour combinations that go so well together.

6. Shazana Writes – Malaysia

Flatlay by shazanawritesImage by shazanawrites

Finding her passion early on in life, Shazana couldn’t stop lettering since her first Calligraphy workshop. These works of art catch the eye with bright bold colours and is enhanced by the minimalistic flatlays.

7. Eunice Eunny – Malaysia

Flatlay by euniceeunnyImage by euniceeunny

Eunice Martin is Malaysia’s Top Food Influencer 2017 and has the best job ever as Visual Storyteller Food and Prop Stylist & Photographer. Be warned that scrolling through her Insta feed will make you drool and start the tummy grumbling. Get ideas on how it is possible to feast with your eyes.

8.  _hello_g_ – Malaysia

Flatlay by _hello_g_Image by _hello_g_

As if juggling a career as the co-founder of prettylittleplatesmy isn’t enough, this Penang-ite creates stunning yet simple flatlays to feature just a few of her favourite things.

9. The Paper Bunny – Singapore

Flatlay by The Paper BunnyImage by The Paper Bunny

Jaime Lee, creative director of The Paper Bunny, reveals the secret to the art of flatlaying through this step by step guide. Be wow-ed by this Singaporean’s ability to be intention with space without overcrowding.

10. Walids – Malaysia

Flatlay by walidsImage by walids

Walids Ibrahim calls himself a “curated organised chaos” but he sure does make his make clutter look intentionally beautiful. The word ‘contemporary’ jumps to mind!

11. Yerdiansha – Indonesia

Flatlay by yerdianshaImage by yerdiansha

Yerdiansha Azahary certainly brings a masculine twist to the flatlay scene with creative uses of everyday items. Look out for the Bento Bear Toast and Death Note fan hints that is peppered throughout his Insta feed. Who says adorable can’t be manly!

12. Hands In Frame – Indonesia

Flatlay by handsinframeImage by handsinframe

The official account of #handsinframe community will give you hundreds of ideas on how to flatlay. The added human touch in the images will create a warm relatable atmosphere.

13. Chicle & Nueces – Spain

Flatlay by chicleconnuecesImage by chicleconnueces

Marta’s instagram is the epitome of  the ‘K.I.S.S’ principle of keeping it short and simple. There is certainly an element of sweetness through the wonderful blend of light colour tones. Scroll on to see how Marta create these clean beauty using limited resources.

14. Click This Photo – Australia

clickthisphotoImage by clickthisphoto

Connie Chan is Content Creator and Flatlays guru that is open to sharing loads of photography tips and tricks on her blog. As a self confessed geeky camera chick, clickthisphoto should be your go to bible on different ways of how to arrange your flatlays.

15. Me Oh My Girl – Australia

Flatlay by meohmygirlImage by meohmygirl

Charli Burrowes is a self-taught photographer with legendary skills in flatlays. The vibrant Instagram portfolio is feminine yet edgy and will definitely make you beg for more. It will inspire the artist in you!

16. Book Otter – Netherlands

Flatlay by bookotterImage by bookotter

Liza appeals to a very niche market of avid readers and brings these beautiful books to life through Instagram. These flatlays are just as riveting as the words jumping up from those pages. Be careful to not get hooked on her feed.

17. Chloe Hollywood – Paris

Flatlay by chloehollywoodImage by chloehollywood

Chloe Hollywood is the much whispered name for fashion inspiration and all things French. Her posts feature amazing classic monochrome fashion flat lays with an avant-garde trendy feel.

18. Runner Kim Hall – USA

Flatlay by runnerkimhallImage by runnerkimhall

Scrolling through Runner Kim Hall is like entering the world of fluffy dreams and bubble gum yum. The neatly-arranged and beautifully photographed colourful shots screams happiness and bliss.

19. The Daily Edited – USA

Flatlay by thedailyeditedImage by thedailyedited

The Daily Edited is home to luxe accessories that is showcased enticingly and elegantly in Instagram. Check out Style Magazine’s interview with Alyce with her favourite flat lay tips.

20. Flatlays – Around The World

Flatlay by flatlaysImage by flatlays

Flatlays is the encyclopedia of flatlay photography featuring the very best flatlay shots from all over. This is the place to go when experiencing a creative block to refresh your eyes when sadly the Green Tea Kit Kat isn’t doing the trick.

Hope you enjoyed this list, did we miss any? Let us know!

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