Pottery and Earthenware Artisans You Should Know About

In looking for some pottery, clay and earthenware for our photo shoots, we’ve come across quite a few local artisans. Therefore, if you’re interested to find props, decor pieces, or maybe just interested in pottery classes in general, here are some brands we think you should know about! Scroll till the end to find out why we have such admiration for these artists.


1. Purple Ling Studio

The Founder, Ms. Tan Jee Ling, prides herself as an illustrator, graphic designer, ceramic and pottery teacher and artist. She not only produces and sells pottery, but offer small group classes as well. On the side, she participates in local and international art exhibitions too! Check out some of her work below or get in touch with her via

Photos via Purple Ling


2. mu.objek

This is another one of our home decor finds. Mu.objek’s products are handcrafted to preserve the authenticity and uniqueness of each piece. They pride themselves to unlock the potential of concrete. You can find their products via Ilaika Select StoreIlham Gallery, and Naiise MY. Here are some from their collection.

Images from mu.objek


3. Ilaika

Ilaika Select Store is home to many pretty things in general. They carry work and products of many local potters and artists, therefore have a wide selection of earthenware.

Images via Ilaika 


4. Bentuk-Bentuk

Our dear friends and power couple, Shahfiq and Adesh, started this brilliant concrete business together. They often have their work displayed at Isetan Japan Store Lot 10, Ilham Gallery, Ninth Gallery Publika and Naiise MY, or you can order directly from Bentuk-Bentuk’s website. Read more about their inspiring journey.

Images by Bentuk-Bentuk

Shots by Vangoh Creative


5. Bendang Artisan

Bendang Artisan is popularly known for their handmade clay and ceramics. They offer workshops for a maximum of 15 pax per session, starting from RM100 per person held at The Zhongshan Building. You are to book a spot by contacting them via Facebook or Instagram. They aspire to bring joy and fulfilment through their craft. To purchase any of their goods, you can visit their Bendang Pop-up shop at The Zhongshan Building.

Images via Bendang Artisan


6. thirty3eleven

Ee Vee is the owner and founder of thirty3eleven and her work is stunning! You can find her stuff sold at Ilaika Select Store, Kopenhagen Coffee or directly contacting her at . We had the privilege of visiting her studio and she showed us the painstaking process of making just one hexagonal cup! We were blown away by the amount of work to produce pottery, and how much time and detail it takes to administer each piece. From preparing the clay, moulding it on the wheel, to drying, firing and then glazing, it usually takes days to finish one batch.

Photos by thirty3eleven

Shots by Vangoh Creative


We have come out of this sourcing experience with greater admiration for these artists and their work. Now we know why pottery is priced at a higher rate as it justifies the effort and precision brought to the table by these makers.

If you’re a flatlay enthusiast just like us, check out our picks of 20 Flatlay Instagrammers to Follow or drop us a line at for visual content enquiries.

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