Breakfast at The Terrace Hotel

OK, so I definitely need to work on taking better food shots, but these are probably the first few I’ve taken seriously. I reckon there are two main challenges to photographing food:

1. The temptation to not take any photos and just eat, because it smells so good.
2. The ability to whip up your camera and take well composed and beautiful photos as quick as possible, because you are surrounded by people who wished you would stop taking photos and just let them eat, because it smells so good.

On this morning, there are six people staring at me and waiting. All I had was a minute! Anyway, looking forward to take more nice photos. Anybody want to give me a free meal for photos, call me. Wait, that just gave me a idea for a sign artwork. Off I go!




The Terrace Hotel
237 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000
(08) 9214 4444

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