The Black Book Cocktail Menu

The Eighth Avenue recently approached us to name, photograph and design their latest line of handcrafted cocktails, which we named The Black Book.

We are thrilled to bring you through the list, and we bet you’d be thirsty by the time you get to the bottom of the scroll. Happy browsing!


1. Suit and Tie

One of Eighth Avenue’s signatures. Scotland Hendrick’s shaken up with homemade pomegranate puree, Dom Benedictine that brings smooth and mild herbal notes, balanced with a drop of lemon and classic spiced bitters, served with an ice ball.



2. Wiz Kaffir

Not your ordinary tequila. Lemongrass and kaffir lime leaf with infused tequila, sweetened with organic agave nectar for balance.



3. Magic Vodka Mint Crush

Another house signature. Vodka based drink served with crushed lime and mint in a sugar rimmed glass. A magical sensation you must try!

design and photography


4. Wild Child

Served up in a tall glass, it is a combination of Chartreuse French liqueur, cold brew Earl Grey, tequila, and sherry. Light some fire in your life by giving this one a go!

design and photography


5. Appletini

Made with fresh green apple juice. Sweet and sour flavours that are suitable for light drinkers.

design and photography


6. Just Beet It!

Our take on Michael Jackson’s hit song! It is 8ave’s funky mix of beetroot syrup, gin and pineapple.



7. Mermaid Tears

Look at this stuff, isn’t it neat? This unique pairing of cinnamon whiskey and orange liqueur is simply to die for.



8. Capri Sun

Tequila, wine syrup, orange and yuzu shaken together, giving you the best citrus and alcohol combo. A definite must-try.

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9. Golden Globe

You’ll be left speechless by the time you try our combo of mulled wine, spiced honey and whiskey.



10. Birds of Paradise

Shows off colours and character of a rare breed, this concoction is made with gin, orange and raspberry.



11. Beachside Daiquiri

Daiquiri with a modern twist! A mix of lemon, coconut, pineapple and rum, this drink is refreshing and perfect for any occasion.



12. Sex and the City

Filled with Bacardi and mix with lime and coconut juice. This is the liquid for the soul, with possibly a glimpse of New York and it leaves you thirsty for more!



13. Painkiller

A mix of rum and coke reduction – a concoction that will roll your blues away.

design and photography


14. Rio De Janeiro

Refreshing and reviving, this shake of basil plus olive oil infused gin sour is like a carnival in your mouth!

design and photography



1. Turn Up the Beat

The vibrancy of this mocktail will be sure to get you dancing. A fantastic mix of orange, pineapple, and salted beetroot syrup.

design and photography


2. Arugula Muse

Don’t underestimate this shake of arugula syrup, basil and lemon. It is one of 8ave’s recommended mocktails.

design and photography


3. One In A Melon

The perfect marriage between watermelon and soda water, truly one of a kind.

design and photography


4. Citrus Me

Prepare for a zesty kick with this one from a combination of lime, lemon, orange and apple juice.

design and photography


Thanks again The Eighth Avenue for having us! See similar photography adventures here: 8 Fabulous Drinks You Should Try During Ladies Night.

If you require design and photography services from the Creative Girlboss team, kindly reach us via email at, or leave a comment on our Facebook page.

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