8 Fabulous Drinks You Should Try During Ladies Night

Looking to try something new for your next ladies night out? If so, the Creative Girlboss team have a special recommendation just for you. The Eighth Avenue Bar and Restaurant recently approached us to photograph their new premium line of handcrafted mixologies called the ‘Hendricks Code: Gin Like A Boss’. And of course we said yes!

These gin based mixologies are not just gorgeous looking but will be sure to get everyone into an exciting mood. Check them out below as there is a drink fit for every lady with a personality!

1.  Queen of Hearts

You’re the lady with a big heart and one who likes to take charge. You reign with kindness, at the same time you’re strong at heart and nothing gets you down. Girl, you’re a royal and this might just be the drink for you! Oh, you’ll have to like lychee and strawberries too of course.


2. Berry Kiss

If you’re a hopeless romantic, this next drink will speak to you. You love a good romance novel once in awhile and would need a tissue box for films like ‘The Vow’ or ‘The Notebook’.  Try this mix and let it quench your soul alongside your soul sisters.


3. English Rose

Elegance is what you exude and live by, you’re a woman with class and that’s what makes you sexy. Girl, you’re an unforgettable wild card! This rose infused mix may tempt you to come back for seconds, don’t say we didn’t warn you.


4. Cucumber Spritz

You like all things new, you keep things funky fresh, straightforward and cool. You’re a minimalist and may be a neat freak at times but hey that’s what makes you, YOU. If you relate to the above then you might enjoy this refreshing cucumber, mint and lime combo.


5. Boss Favourite

Striving for excellence is your mantra while being the best is your priority. You’re the Jane of all trades and its annoying how you’re so good at everything you put your hands to. This one’s probably for you – an all rounded mix of cucumber, lemon, mint and pomegranate. You’re never shy to try something new, therefore go on and give this a shot!


6. Endless Summer

The room lights up as you walk in, you’re a bundle of joy and sunshine, laughter fills the air whenever you’re around. Big dreams, aspirations and ambition you have. This one is for you darling, the party won’t start till you’re there. This will look great in your hands.


7. Local Sling

You’re one who stays true to herself, you live by your rules and you keep it real, sometimes too real. Well, this drink is dedicated to you, honey. When live gives you assamboy, you make a gin mix with it.


8. About Thyme

Last but not least, this ones for the ladies who packs a punch, who needs some spice in their life, and adventurous at heart. Dark and bold is your middle name. It’s About Thyme you give this drink a go (pun intended).


The next time you’re holding a ladies night, don’t forget to head on down to The Eighth Avenue in Publika and order from their ‘Hendricks Code: Gin Like A Boss’ series. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed. Thanks again The Eighth Avenue for having us!

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