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My name is Jovina, I am a Makeup Artist and a Creative Girlboss! As a beauty lover myself I am constantly drawing inspiration from every kind of beauty content, one of them is via Instagram. Allow me to share with you my top 15 favourite accounts that I absolutely adore, and think every beauty lover should hit ‘Follow’.

This list includes a few cosmetic brands as well as talented content creators. Also, don’t forget to check out our Instagram page too. Now, sit back, relax and scroll away!


1. French Girl Organics – USA

For all things french-inspired, you need to check out this page! They bring chic, classy and elegant to another level and it looks like every girl’s dream, well at least to me it does.

french girl organics

Image by French Girl Organics


 2. The Beauty Collection – Australia

Ash is a Melbourne based creator who manages this gorgeous collection. Littered with bright and colourful flatlays, this account is dedicated to all beauty enthusiast.

the beauty collection

Image by The Beauty Collection 


 3. Ilia Beauty – USA

Ilia is an organic beauty brand based in the United States. Their account has a clean and minimalistic feel to it. Also, did I mention that their extremely wearable SPF Lip Shade collection is perfection?

Image via Ilia Beauty 


4. Ashley Maree Beauty – Australia

For all things rose gold, pink and cooper, blogger Ashley is the girly girl to follow. Learn how to achieve her lovely makeup routines via her blog here

beauty vlogger

Image by Ashley


5. From Head to Toe – USA

Youtuber Jen is no stranger to the beauty and lifestyle community. I’ve been her avid follower for years now, and never fail to learn handy grooming tips every time I tune in to her channel. Expect to see lifestyle, beauty content, not to mention her journey of being a mum on her Instagram!

beauty influencer

Image via Frmheadtotoe


6. Wendy_Online – Australia

If you’re addicted to makeup like me, you got to check out Wendy’s stunning feed. Her beauty flatlays gives off a luxe vibe, are so well organised and to die for.

beauty lover

Image by Wendy


7. Lipstick Queen – USA

The ultimate colour changing lippies is the brand Lipstick Queen from the United States. Their lip colours are not what they appear to be… For quirky and creative compositions, you need to hit ‘Follow’ on this one!

lipstick queen

Image via Lipstick Queen


8. Beauty with Tashy – Malaysia

Tashy’s style is classy and sophisticated. This beauty Youtuber from Malaysia is a talent when it come to makeup tutorial, hacks and routine. Her Instagram is like looking through a lookbook that I just can’t get over.

beauty lover

Image via Beautywithtashy


9. Hauteflashes – Australia

Enter a world of dark elegance with Julie Pham. This Sydney based blogger really knows her way around high quality cosmetics and skincare products.


Image by Hauteflashes


 10. Wisteriaful – Singapore

If you need some colour in your life then its high time you follow this Singapore based Instagrammer. Faye’s flatlay creations are on pointe, vibrant and lively. What’s not to love?!

beauty insta

Image by Wisteriaful


 11. Tina Yong – Australia

Tina Yong is one of my favourite Makeup Artist to follow and I’ve been inspired so much via her Youtube channel. Not only does she give us a sneak peak into her life, but showcases her legendary skills as a pro makeup guru.

tina yong

Picture credit to Tina Yong 


 12. AmeliaaSays – USA

Amelia is a beauty represent for Glossier and manages her own blog. She’s slaying it with her jaw-droppingly gorgeous flatlays and skilful play with lighting. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, you might get hooked just by looking at her photos!

beauty and cosmetics

Picture via Ameliasays


 13. BiscuitsnMakeup – Australia

Biscuits & Makeup is the definition of bold and vibrant. This beauty enthusiast gives us honest reviews, insights to new releases and shout-worthy cosmetic products.

makeup collection

Image via Biscuits & Makeup


14. Herbivore Botanicals – USA

We’ve featured them on our previous article before. Herbivore Botanicals is one of the best natural skincare brands that I personally adore. I’m obsessed with their beautifully photographed, feminine and pastel flatlays.

cosmetic brand

Image by Herbivore Botanicals


 15. Em Cosmetics – USA

Last but not least and of course, the QUEEN of all beauty creators is Michelle Phan and her line of cosmetics. She is the ultimate leader of the tribe, she is the reason why so many beauty lovers out there are bold enough to follow their dreams.

I am so psyched about the new facelift to Em Cosmetics. The sleek and stylish new look is truly is a game changer! Can’t wait to get my hands on one of her lip cremes.

em cosmetics

michelle phan

We hope you enjoyed these picks, let us know who’s your favourite! For more creative life inspiration click here.

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