Productivity Killers You Can Overcome


Image by Unsplash The ultimate career dream is to be able to work your own hours and eliminate all the horrible KL traffic jam by working from home. It can be incredibly liberating to be able to work from home, but also incredibly distracting. One can even argue that it is harder to maintain a laser-like focus at home. I find that in an office environment, since it’s more formal, I’m more productive! Truth be told, who can maintain a professional image…

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Content Marketing Basics For Small Business

Content marketing is in fact, not as new as a term you might think. People have been using content marketing for ages, just watch the video below. The only difference are the channels that are being used today. Previously,…

Yukiko VCR

Brunch Date with Yukiko

Showcasing a photo project we’ve done with Yukiko at VCR cafe, Kuala Lumpur. Thanks Yukiko for taking time out to make this happen! You may check out Yukiko’s blog at  .…


A Graphic Designer’s Guide To Pricing

“How Much Will It Cost?” This is the very first question most potential clients ask when they want a logo, website, flyer. As a designer, you know that all design vary in complexity, and the pricing really depends on…

Adventures Lifestyle

Ubud, Bali

It’s almost an Aussie rite of passage to go to Bali, but despite living in Perth for over ten years, hubby and I never made it there, until recently. I guess you can say we’re relaxed travellers, and don’t want…


Flora Campaign

A throwback to one of my spring campaigns. Combining graphic design and photography to bring this flora look for Vangoh Shoes ad campaign few years ago. This was my first time styling and photographing a model by myself. Model:…


Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Get this: Being in your comfort zone is not a good or bad thing, it is a natural state that we all strive towards or want to be in. But once you get in that zone, don’t get too…

Elizabeth Quay Featured

Elizabeth Quay, Perth

Back to Perth for client meetings and meeting up with lovely friends and family. Had to visit the brand new Elizabeth Quay, the $440 million project to reconnect the city with the river. I thought it might be crowded…


Five Ways You Can Overcome Self-Doubt

It happens to the best of us, and hits at the worst timing. For the creative boss, it’s often when you might be doing something out of your comfort zone, taking risks with your own money and time. Everyone…

Design Advice

Time Management For A Creative Entrepreneur

I’m sure a lot of you can resonate with this: You quit your job to go freelance, thinking, “I’m going to have more time for myself”, or “I’m going to be able to take a break”. Before you know…


Brunch Inspiration

A quick photo project for the kitchen team at The Eighth Avenue Bar and Resto; they were experimenting with their breakfast menu. Thanks to Mikki Ho for helping me out with the shoot.…