Valentine’s Day Creative Gifts For Her or Him

It’s almost Valentine’s Day already, and the pressure is on to get something unique, thoughtful, and touching. Forget endless browsing, mall roaming and battling time, here’s our shortlist on what’s cool to give her this Valentine’s. Well, maybe it’s a little skewed towards what I want, hint hint ;P

1. Mosaic Heart Card

All the Ns03Image from All the Ns

Tell her how much you appreciate her with this unique mosaic heart card. Nothing goes further than a handwritten card or note, certainly better than just flowers!



For the cheeky creative with a sense of humour, you got to check out My Bookmark. So many options including Harry Potter, The Hobbit, Ballerina, Pug, Zombie, there’s definitely one that would be suitable for your loved one!

3. Hexagon Oil Burner

BBB Oil Burner-Valentines Day GuideImage from Bisou BonBon

For the zen creative, this hexagonal clay oil burner is a pretty cool addition to the home, and why not gift some essential oils with it as well!

4. His & Hers Polymer Clay Necklaces

kawan2coImage from Kawan-kawan Co

For the crafter and nature lover, these polymer necklaces are handmade have a beautiful texture and feel to it. Easy to match with outfits as well.

5. Terrariums

Terrariums-Valentines Day GuideImage from

Succulents and terrariums are all the rage now. They are easy to take care of, adds some greenery to the room and is totally a creative’s must-have at the moment. If you want to go the extra mile, why not create one yourself instead of buying the ready made ones? You could even add miniature people or animals in it for an interesting story.

6. Levitating Lamp

Flyte Lavitating Lamp-Valentines Day GuideImage from Flyte

For the stylish and fashionable creative. A splurge, but an extremely cool one and a great conversation starter as well. Designed in Sweden, the FLYTE base is made of quarter-sawn oak, ash and walnut wood finishes. It requires no batteries and is powered through induction.

7. Bouncing Light Speakers

JBL_Pulse2_Black_002_dvHAMasterImage from JBL

House parties will never be the same again with these JBL speakers, it’s portable, splashproof and has an interactive light show! Maybe this is a Valentine’s gift for ‘us’, benefits both! 🙂

8. Nest Mirror

Nest Mirror

Image from Designation.Co

For the interior obsessed, add some character and style cred to her home with this cool locally handcrafted mirror that is designed to look like a nest.

9. Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

Big MagicImage from Amazon

If you know anyone who’s about to embark on a creative life, or thinking about it, this book is a must read! Author of Eat Pray Love Elizabeth Gilbert discusses the creative process we all have to go through, and how to be always open and curious to create that ‘Big Magic’.

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