Your eyes are your lens, Your heart is your shutter

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So many people ask us what the best camera is to use. We always tell people that the best camera is the one that you always have with you: your eyes. They are the best lenses for viewing the world around you. Your heart is the best shutter because it’s what allows you to feel and experience all the emotions of life. With that shutter, you can capture the most authentic and meaningful images.”

– Todd Porter and Diane Cu

It’s Not Really About Your Gear

This is a great reminder to all of us out there who are trying to get great photographs. I have been guilty of asking, or trying to find the best camera, the best lens, the best whatever to help me photograph something well. I was sure the pros have the best gear and that’s why their photos are so awesome, they just click with it, or so I thought. Well, when I started dabbling in photography ten years ago and upgraded my camera I came to a awful realization. My photos didn’t look any different on my new camera compared to the old one! Well apart from better resolution.

The Sun Is Your Friend

Slowly through time I have learnt that it’s not just a photo you take, and I learnt to see and frame an image before I take it, to look at how a light reflects on a person or object, which direction is the sun, and where should I be standing. I learnt to see the photograph and the story, not just take the picture. I am learning to be better at using light, props and positioning to capture not just the subject, but the feeling and emotions that would project through the photo. I am learning to use my camera better, there’s a ton of great settings in there that I’m still getting the hang of.

Most importantly, I’m learning to train my eye to view the world around me, and use my heart to find the most meaningful images.

Image by Jovo Jovanovic

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