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Creation Over Consumption: Find The White Space In Your Life!


Many moons ago before the internet and Google, it was okay to have questions go unanswered. We could wait for tomorrow to ask a teacher or take the time to find the answer in huge bulky books of knowledge. Even so, all through our school, university and career life, we are constantly urged to ‘do better’, ‘learn more’ and ‘know now’. All good things especially when the world of innovation surges and evolves at the speed of light.

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I don’t know about you…but Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc…they are all peppered with hoards of information. How many of you out there have ‘Saved’ or ‘Pinned’ hundreds of articles that you haven’t even had the time to read 1% of?

It seems somehow along the way of progress, we have lost the plot and are now just obsessed with the gathering of information and knowledge. Like all the best ads though, there is always WHITE SPACE. Like the creator of instant information, Google has definitely got it right by dedicating 20% of their work week to just being quiet, not work and let the mind create. Hey even the creator of Post It notes 3M started this in 1974 with a 15% time off rule.

So, here is how to schedule in and remind yourself to take that much needed ‘White Space’ to design the best you.

1. Use white space to create separation

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Like balancing the layout with white space, use the Pomodoro Technique of 50 minutes of work and 10 minutes of rest to make sure you do not burn out. No matter how enthusiastic you are about creating, don’t use up all the energy at one go and put yourself off the continued hard work.

2. Use grids to get your white space right

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We all need help, like grids as guides. So don’t rely on your sheer will power to get you off those pesky distractions. Use a quiet time app to log yourself out of social media…try Flipd on your Android or iPhone. I love how the free version locks you out like a game challenge.

3. Use white space to let the message flow

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Take 20 minutes each day to get the universal message to flow right. Meditate and clear your mind of all the unwanted junk. It is not easy to quiet the mind for such a long time so make sure to try some of the best meditation apps out there to help you get there.

4. Use white space in accordance to the Rule of Thirds

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Just like using the Rule of Thirds to stop creative clutter, schedule in learning to once or twice a week so that you can avoid over consumption of design and knowledge.

5. Use white space so that there is only one place to look

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Multi-tasking is BAD for you. Don’t overcrowd your senses with trying to do everything at once. Focus and be present in the task at hand.

Preston Kanak said it best:

“I find I sometimes get caught in the ‘scroll’ where you keep scrolling through timelines or photos. I find that by taking in my surroundings rather than living through a screen that I am able to be more creative and passionate about filming and embracing my surroundings verses letting it pass me by. I know it sounds obvious but sometimes I need the simple reminder ;).”

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