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  • Business

    Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

    Get this: Being in your comfort zone is not a good or bad thing, it is a natural state that we all strive towards or want to be in. But once…

  • Business

    Five Ways You Can Overcome Self-Doubt

    It happens to the best of us, and hits at the worst timing. For the creative boss, it’s often when you might be doing something out of your comfort zone, taking…

  • Food

    Brunch Inspiration

    A quick photo project for the kitchen team at The Eighth Avenue Bar and Resto; they were experimenting with their breakfast menu. Thanks to Mikki Ho for helping me out with…

  • Business

    How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Creatives

    “Making a customer’s day should be obligatory throughout every organization. Whether you mail swag to early users or add fun to the otherwise mundane, everything should have a personality that wins…