This blog hopes to be an inspiration to anyone who desires to embrace and live the creative life. If you love design, architecture, fashion, art, photography, and all creative things, you’ll feel right at home here. Creative Girlboss is Vangoh Creative’s official design playground.

Creative Girlboss is an inspiration avenue for designers and creatives. Managed by a quirky team of graphic design mavens, we are unashamed to lead by example in pursuing the creative life!

Whether it is sharing our designs, resources, business advise or showcasing our style, our fun bunch exists to inspire whoever that comes our way.We write about positive things in life, our journey as a creative entrepreneur and more importantly, about other fellow creatives out there who are living their dreams.

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The Blog

We have been inspired by the book #girlboss by Sophia Amaruso, and love Garance Dore. We find that it takes courage to take a creative path, and we love to hear stories of how other creatives have made it work for them. Each creative is unique in their own way, and have our own way of working. We hope that this blog can be a platform for you if you want to know how it works, or if you are already a creative, to stay inspired and encouraged.

How Vanessa Became a Creative Girlboss

I loved graphic design, but never thought it could be something that earned a lot of money, so I started off with accounting in college. One year of that convinced me that I would be no good at this at all, and would be miserable if I have to do this every day of my life. I needed a career where I would not be required to crunch numbers, and wear formal office wear (because I refuse to lean how to iron.) I didn’t know how I found my courage to tell my parents but I did, and changed my course to a creative one.

Anyway, I ended up working in Marketing for several years, while freelancing on the side. I did the most risk-averse move possible, I worked full time, and freelanced on the side until my freelance significantly exceeded my full time salary before I took the plunge, and so I became a creative girlboss, full time, for Vangoh Creative.

Now I have the pleasure of working from anywhere I want, and have a great team with me and we do awesome stuff for modern businesses.

I have trouble explaining what I do sometimes for my job. I basically makes brands and companies look good, be it through graphic design, email marketing, branding, marketing collateral or helping to manage their websites and blog as well as content management.

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